Benefits of Rabbit Farming

 Benefits of rabbit meat

1 - food very useful and ideal for pregnant women: What You the pregnant woman Always in Need to a healthy food and quick to digest and rich in nutrients and rabbits meat is rich in with vitamins, proteins and minerals also the fibers are easy to digest and chewing and with a good taste so it's considered to be a very an important food for pregnant women and children as well.... Homepage

2. The elimination of obesity and slimming :We mentioned that rabbit meat contain a high proportion of protein and very low and low-fat ratio compared to other types of meat, proteins, of course, a very important vital processes in the body and one kilogram of it contains 350 calories and is thus less types of meat in proportion calories that provide the body with so rabbits meats are a good source of protein for people who are obese and want to lose weight.

3. For patients with hypertension: The rabbit meat food, a very important and useful for patients who suffer from high blood pressure, and this is due to it contains a very small percentage of the element sodium in addition to fit on a balanced important nutrients ratios and so it is a wonderful food, in particular to people who suffering from high blood pressure.

4. Heart disease: rabbit meat is also a good food for heart patients as it is free of harmful cholesterol on cardiovascular health, which makes it a good food for people who suffer from heart disease.... Neco expo 2021

5. rabbit meat keeps on the bones and teeth health is due to contain a high proportion of calcium wish is very important element in bones and teeth formation .

6. rabbit meat contains potassium, magnesium, where the two have an important interest in maintaining the health of the nervous system and strengthens the immune system and protects against stroke.

7. rabbit meat works to strengthens the sexual health because it contains zinc element wich help women against Infertility and increase sexual potency in men.

8. help get rid of anemia due to the containment of rabbit meat a high percentage of iron wich is a very important component of hemoglobin in the blood.

9. help build tissue and muscles, strengthen and this is due to contain a percentage of phosphorus element .

10. help rabbit meat to increase mental activity because they contain potassium, zinc and other very useful elements for the body.

It should be noted that rabbit meat has become one of the most meat that Europeans accept the in the last period because a few to contain fat and rich in protein as eating one rabbit equivalent of eating two chickens in the proportion of proteins that the body gets it and thus rabbit meat has become more expensive in comparison with all kinds of other meats